Here's a look at the nine different levels in this videogame!

Arcade – This is the traditional game mode.  You start off with three lives and five super-attack points. But as the enemies get more difficult to deal with, so does Eeeger; every third enemy that he shoots is holding a coin or a power-up item that can help him. Eeeger will need all the help he can get against this never-ending army of goons! 

Beat the Clock – Eeeger only has two minutes, but he has unlimited lives.  And he’ll need them!  How high can you score?

Gib-Fest – The Gib-o-Meter is also what keeps score in this level.  Use whatever you have in your disposal to jack it up as high as you can - especially the TNT Plunger!

Bomb – Eeeger lost his lightning powers in this level.  But his friends, the Bomboids, have arrived to help him!  Set off the Bomboids to dispatch your enemies. They're harmless to Eeeger of course - otherwise, this would be a pretty short game. Oh, since Bomboids cause each other to explode too, you can set chain reactions of the little buggers off for big damage! 

100 Shots – In this level, Eeeger can only fire one shot at a time and he only gets 100 shots.  The madness of the other levels has been replaced by strategy this time!

Last Resort – Eeeger only gets one life, a limited supply of super shots, and a TNT plunger at the opposite side of the screen.  Once he activates it and all the coins and gems are picked up, the game ends.  How long can you last?

Duplicity – In this level, when Eeeger shoots one enemy, two appear in its place!  Are you lucky enough to catch the Reset Button?

Onslaught – Take arcade mode and feed it an entire bottle of PCP.  Bigger, better, faster, and a lot more!

99 Ways to Die – The final level of the game unleashes 99 enemies at you right off the bat.  You have only 15 seconds to send them all to Evil Clone Heaven.

The Silver Edition of Eeeger will contain two additional game modes: Poker and Millions.