Meet Eeeger


You control Eeeger, a very, very ticked-off Martian whose vacation to Pluto has been interrupted upon the news that his arch-enemies, Krelmac and Gentoo, are planning on taking over the solar system with an army of unstable alien clones. 

Okay, look.  Basically this game doesn’t really have a story.  Pong didn’t have a story.  Did it need to?  Besides – Krelmac and Gentoo aren’t even in this game.  Yet.

Anyway, the game plays similar to old-school 2D shooters such as Space Invaders, Galaga and Intellivision’s Astrosmash.  However, Eeeger doesn’t simply move left and right and shoot upward.  Eeeger can also jump in order to avoid enemies and enemy fire, dive back to the ground in mid-jump, fire lightning bolts in any direction using the mouse, call down gigantic bolts of lightning from the sky, and use a lightning shield which can destroy anything that touches him.

When an enemy is killed, ten of its body parts (gibs) will fly all over the place.  A counter (the Gib-O-Meter™) will keep track of the amount of gibs currently onscreen at one time.  When the game ends, the Gib-O-Meter’s highest reading will be converted to a bonus!

Some enemies will drop coins and bonus items upon getting shot.  These items can increase Eeeger’s ability to run, jump, and dispatch his enemies. If he's lucky, he can even obtain armor, TNT plungers, and the ultimate weapon: the Can of Whoop Ass!

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